GCA Info

To install the GCA on your PC

  1. Run the initial GCA4 Setup.exe as an administrator. (To run an executable as an administrator, right click on the file and select the context menu item “Run as administrator”.)
  2. Run gca4patch_232_to_423_cumulative.exe as an administrator.
  3. Run “gca4dataupdate 06-02-2012.exe” as an administrator.
  4. Copy the following files to C:\Users\[your user name]\My Documents\GURPS Character Assistant 4\data files:
    1. GURPS House Rules 4e (TomM).gdf
    2. GURPS Honorverse (TomM).gdf

To setup character creation in the GCA

  1. Start the program and press Cancel in the Campaign Settings dialog box.
  2. Click the menu item Tools/Options, move to the Data Sets property page, and press the Change button.
  3. Click the blank-page icon to create a new data set. (The icons are at the top-right of the dialog, and it’s the second icon to the left.) Name it something like Honorverse.gds, and leave it selected.
    1. Add the following data files from Available Data Files to Included Data Files in the following order:
      • GURPS Basic Set 4th Ed.—Characters.gdf
      • GURPS Powers 4e.gdf
      • GURPS Supers 4e.gdf
      • GURPS Space 4e.gdf
      • GURPS Martial Arts 4e.gdf
      • GURPS Bio-Tech 4e.gdf
      • GURPS High-Tech 4e.gdf
      • GURPS High-Tech Pulp Guns Volume 1.gdf (Optional)
      • GURPS High-Tech Pulp Guns Volume 2.gdf (Optional)
      • GURPS Ultra-Tech 4e.gdf
      • GURPS Spaceships 2 Traders Liners and Transports 4e.gdf (Optional)
      • GURPS Spaceships 4 Fighters Carriers and Mecha 4e.gdf (Optional)
      • GURPS Power-Ups 2 Perks 4e.gdf
      • GURPS House Rules 4e (TomM).gdf (In green at bottom)
      • GURPS Honorverse (TomM).gdf) (In green at bottom)
    2. Press the floppy-disk icon to save the data set. (It’s the second icon to the right.)
    3. Press OK.
    4. Note: these files will load a super-set of what is allowed. If you see something about elves or magic, you can be assured that you are not allowed to select these characteristics. If you’re not sure, ask the GM.
  4. Press Load Now in the Data Set property page.
  5. Press OK to dismiss the Options property sheet.
  6. If it doesn’t look like the right characteristics were loaded, or you just want to be sure, select Tools/Resynchronize.
    1. Press Select All.
    2. Press OK.
  7. Press the globe icon to restart the Campaign Settings dialog box. (It’s the second icon to the left in the second row.) Fill in the values as follows:
    1. Current Base Starting Points can be found in the Gaming Schedule page in the Points column.
    2. Fill in -10000 for the Disadvantage Limit since there isn’t one.
    3. The Quirk Limit is -10.
    4. The Base TL is 9 or 10, as appropriate for your character.
    5. Press OK.

Highly Recommended Character Traits


  • Combat Reflexes
  • Enhanced Tracking (at least to level 5 or 6)
  • Extended Lifespan (2 levels for Prolong 3rd generation)
  • G-Experience
  • High Pain Threshold
  • Native Cultural Familiarity (Could be Silesia, could be Manticore space, etc.)
  • Native Language (most likely English)
  • Night Vision


  • Duty (to ship, Modifiers changed to Frequency of Duty 15 or less)
  • Sense of Duty (to Captain, Adventuring Companions, or whatever)


  • Any relating to your crew position
  • Computer Operation
  • Freefall
  • Spacer
  • Vacc Suit

GCA Info

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