Buster Stitches

The doctor that makes you want to stay healthy



Buster is from Trevor’s Star, and has worked as a medic and doctor since his stint in the Manticore Marines. Detailed to Silesia, he later left the Marines after they stopped paying him and wouldn’t let him back onto the base. Since then he has been plying his medical skills with anyone who was desperate for a good doctor.

Notable & Obvious

Appearance and Social Traits:

Squat – 4’10 and 220 pounds
Very strong
Rude to officers
Scares small children just for the fun of it
Cultural Familiarity: Trevor’s Star (Native)
Cultural Familiarity: Manticore

Other notable traits that can be determined with spending time around him:

Can’t tell a funny joke to save his life
Uses anesthesiology only if requested
Wears his side arm all the time, even during surgery
Never leads when he can follow
When the going gets tough, he drags the seriously wounded to safety
Has G-experience, and is comfortable in his squat space suit
Horrible, grim, pessimist bedside manner
Knows just what drugs will work for a given situation
Never has a problem with giving a difficult patient a right-uppercut to distract them from their other pains
Hefty appetite, sometimes eats during surgery
While he usually tells patients that they are DOA as he knocks them out, most recover to fight again another day
Mean drunk when he chooses to drink


He shows up one day at the ship dock with 2 large duffel bags.

“Heard tell your ship doctor died late last night in a bar room brawl. I’m looking for work, so it was fortuitous that I was at the bar when it happened. I’m the best Marine medic you’ll ever find. Pay me what he was getting, give me a place to put my degrees on the wall and give me a half-height surgery table for me to work at.”

His age is unknown. His previous work experience is hard to track. He doesn’t talk much about the past, but he has little love for the Republic of Haven or the Silesians.

Buster Stitches

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