Ship Name: Georgia
Registry: Selestia


The ship is in very good condition and technology for a “tramp steamer” of its size, class and age. This is very unusual. For the most part all members of the crew are assumed to be of a “colorful” past and are working on this ship because it is a relatively safe haven for people of their history. Or currently out of the jurisdiction of whatever Star Nation they came from.

Crew Positions

The list will most likely need to be trimmed and consolidated to the appropriate positions, especially once there is a better idea of the purpose and function.
Some personnel may fill multiple positions, or even be cross-trained as unofficial back-ups.

Captain: Captain Breenock (GM)
First Officer: Deceased (GM)
Pilot: Mae Cassidy (Tom)
Astrogations: Mae Cassidy (Tom)
Impeller / Hypersail Engineer: Clyde Drexler (Rodney)
Life Support Engineer: Clyde Drexler (Rodney)
Power System Engineer: Clyde Drexler (Rodney)
Sensors / Communications: TBD TBD
Computers: Trish Dre (Micah)
Medical Officer: Buster Stitches (Bill)
Security: Trish Dre (Micah)
Purser / Steward: Reginald Cox (Mark)
Cargo Master: Shelley (Colleen)
Machinist: TBD (Brent)

Useful references:
What Every Spacer Knows
Crew according to Atomic Rockets

Ship Layout

There are four things to realize with the layouts below.

  1. The ship is more cigar-shaped, does not have “wings” for aerodynamics in atmosphere, and the engine section does not have large gaps of space.
  2. The ship has extendable landing gear for landing on planets, which places the body of the ship off the ground. This enables the cargo airlock (area 14) to operate as a lift as well.
  3. The actual engineering space is MUCH larger than depicted, occupying a good deal of the engineering half of the ship.
  4. Included in the ‘not depicted’ engineering section is a machine shop for fabricating parts when needed.


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