Trish Dre

Security and Computer Officer



Notable & Obvious Advantages

Appearance and Social Traits:

  • Appearance (Attractive)
  • Charisma 1
  • Cultural Familiarity: Andermani
  • Cultural Familiarity: Manticore
  • Cultural Familiarity: Selesia
  • Cultural Familiarity: Solarian (Native)
  • Fit
  • Honest Face
  • Language: English (Native)
  • Penetrating Voice

Other notable positive traits that can be determined with spending time around her:

  • Ambidextrous
  • Combat Reflexes
  • Danger Sense
  • Photographic Memory
  • High Pain Threshold
  • Less Sleep 2
  • Perfect Balance
  • Peripheral Vision

Notable & Obvious Disadvantages:

Behavior Traits:

  • Charitable
  • Code of Honor (Hacker’s)
  • Code of Honor (Professional)
  • Curious
  • Overconfidence
  • Post-Combat Shakes
  • Sense of Duty (Teammates)
  • Workaholic

Other notable negative traits that can be determined with spending time around her:

  • Atheist
  • Bloodlust and Likes Brawling
  • Guilt Complex
  • Insomniac with Nightmares
  • Xenophilia


Trish is extremely closed about her past before joining the crew. She’s obviously haunted by it: she seems to feel guilty about something, and has trouble sleeping, sometimes waking up from nightmares. However, any attempt to draw her out is met with a fearsome stare.

She takes her jobs as security and computer officer seriously, and is a complete workaholic. Her room is filled with jars of various chemicals and spare parts that look like junk, but she seems able to make some amazing spy gizmos from them.

When not working, she works out with an intense exercise regime. Observers watching the exercises have noted that it appears she knows multiple martial arts styles.

When the ship is docked, she will have fun carousing. She often seems to become a belligerent drunk who starts barroom brawls, but teammates have noticed that she seems remarkably more sober after leaving the bar.


Trish Dre

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