Reginald Cox

Quiet. Effiecient. Organized, Neat. Enjoys Food, Wine, Classiscal Music and Quick, Clean Assassinations



Favorite Sayings:
Anything worth doing, is worth doing well.
Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance

Favorite Weapons:
Sniper Rifle

Escrima master (sticks and knives)
Excellent Cook
Logical, Methodical – good for planning scams and assassinations
Can either blend in with the crowd, or in the service industry
If need be – can mingle with the Upper Crust.


Always formally polite and impeccably dressed – usually in gray – Reginald does not do well with people.
If things are planned and organized, he can perform ‘naturally’ around others. However, if things get messy, his stutter becomes pronounced.
His culinary skills will make him a favorite on the ship – however when he starts a new recipe be prepared to have that meal 5-10 times in a row until the recipe is correct.

Keep out of his ‘space’ and keep your hands off of his stuff and his body. Also, never snitch food out of the kitchen when he is prepping – or you might just loose that hand.
So treat him with respect and everything will be just fine.

Oh and it wouldn’t hurt if you dressed for dinner.

Reginald Cox

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