Alexander Franklin Jones

Chief Surgeon's Assistant


Early in childhood, his father taught him how to pilot aircraft and spacecraft, and he went to a military prep school to prepare for a military college. Alas, his fondness of carousing, dancing, women and sex led him astray. He worked as a bartender at a brothel, and helped out when a woman was looking for a young, good looking man for the day.

As he matured, he was drafted by Navy. He had prepared for this by joining a pacifist group but there was a need for medics, so they drafted him any way. After he had proven himself in the field, they sent him to more schools on surgery so he could help surgeons in forward operating rooms, work in recovery wards and help patients with physical therapy.

He knows Buster really knows combat medicine and wants to learn at the hand of the master, even if Buster is rude, foul and demeaning. He has noticed that female patients respond better to him doing the rounds in the infirmary, and has a reputation as a lady’s man on every ship he is with. Buster always calls him “Nurse” because he has no respect for the title of Chief Surgeon’s Assistant.

Alexander Franklin Jones

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